Golden Sun: Dark Dawn ROM

What is the golden sun?

Golden Sun: Oscuro Amanecer is a role-playing video game for the Nintendo DS console, developed by Camelot Software. This saga of video games was one of the most popular in the console. Golden Sun: Dark Amanecer is the third instalment of the Golden Sun series and was announced on June 2, 2009, at the Nintendo conference at E3 that year, confirming its title at E3 2010, along with several images of the game. The download of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was something that was sought as soon as the video game came on the market.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn ROM

Golden Sun Dark Dawn ROM

What do you see in the game?

The environments in three dimensions stand out. The argument of this new instalment is located three decades after the previous games of the series, being the descendants of the protagonists of the first games who face a new fight to save the world from a terrible end.

In the video of the E3 of 2010 you can see that, although the genre has jumped to 3D, it keeps very similar with its predecessors: puzzles in dungeons, random battles that have the same scheme as the old ones of laptops …

What happens in this version of the game?

The game takes place thirty years after the end of Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The Golden Sun has risen, and Alchemy has again invaded the world, regenerating it. Even so, psychic vortices appear across the globe absorbing the power of the medium and the Adepts, causing chaos and destruction. This is where the new protagonists come in, children of those who once managed to save the world, in search of answers to this strange phenomenon.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn places you in the world of Weyard, in which you will have to learn to use Psynergy, a form of elemental magic that controls the power of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, to defeat the enemies and solve the puzzles that you find. The world of Weyard has changed since the last past adventure, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Some continents have been displaced, others have emerged, and new species have appeared and evolved …

Weyard is in danger. The psychic vortices are expanding throughout the world, absorbing all the Psynergy Already the continent of Angara was devastated by a giant whirlwind: the Lugubrious Moon. A new generation of heroes has to cross the chaotic world, about to submit to a new form of evil, solving puzzles, discovering great treasures and confronting dangerous creatures during their journey.

How was your previous version or your story?

Four elements are the basis of everything: Earth (Venus), Water (Mercury), Fire (Mars) and Wind (Jupiter). The scientific study of these elements was known as Alchemy. In the distant past, the principles of Alchemy were hidden, for fear that the power of the items could end the world due to its abuse.

These elements are in turn the source from which all energy flows. That is why, when the principles of Alchemy were sealed, Weyard’s decline began with the lack of elemental and alchemical energy.

The phenomenon known as the Golden Sun liberated Alchemy and saved Weyard from its destruction. However, the price that had to be paid was very high. That energy harboured an incredibly destructive force.

Thirty years have passed since the world escaped the destruction thanks to the same element that harmed it: the Golden Sun ...

Previously download Golden Sun, it was something slightly tricky, but now thanks to the advance of the internet. Everything is more comfortable, and now with the search “Golden Sun: Dark Dawn” you can appear multiple ways to download it.

What’s new?

The graphics have been improved. If already in Game Boy Advance they marked a milestone those graphics in false 3D, somewhat pixelated in the battles and the mapping, but that they fulfilled quite well, in the Nintendo DS they promise to exploit the full potential of the console, with scenarios entirely in 3D

Should I download Golden Sun: Dark Dawn?

Something familiar for people is to think How do I download Golden Sun: Dark Dawn? How do I install Golden Sun: Dark Dawn without a virus or something like that? As something as simple as help on our part can facilitate the desire to play this excellent video game, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is very easy to download. If you try to download it from here, you will be given the best possible help, above all, on how to install it, how to download it if you need something additional and any uncertainty that may arise.

The general assessment of the game has been positive on the part of the players that have downloaded Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, it has been a game that has given a perfect image with respect to its gameplay, its installation, its download, its history and everything that makes it easier for a good video game to be really supported. Without giving more detours, we recommend you download Golden Sun: Dark Dawn from this website as we told you before.

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