Golden Sun: The Lost Age Rom


Golden Sun II: The Lost Age is a videogame of the RPG genre, released under different names in some regions, such as Ogon no Taiyo: Ushinawareshi Toki in Japan and Golden Sun: The Lost Age in the USA, is a role-playing video game released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance, developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo. The Lost Age is the second instalment of the Golden Sun series, being the “second part” of the previous Golden Sun.

Golden Sun The Lost Age Rom

Golden Sun The Lost Age Rom

General history

The game begins at the point where the first game ends but from those who were kidnapped in the first game. After escaping from the incident of the Lighthouse of Venus, Felix and his sister Nadia, along with Kraden and Sole. Upon reaching the peninsula of Idejima, they meet Alex. Soon after, an intense greenish-yellow light dazzles them. The Venus Lighthouse had been lit, and the power of the Earth had been released. A great earthquake separates the peninsula of Idejima of the continent (besides damaging the foundations of the Lighthouse of Venus), moving them away from it, and taking them out to a continent unknown to them called Indra, from where they should plan their trip to the Great West Sea, to light the remaining lights: the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Mars Lighthouse.


In a few words the game summarises the story during the previous game’s events and continues its story, The Lost Age puts the player in the roles of a magical-tuned “adept” named Felix and his allies as they try to restore the power of the alchemy to the world of Weyard. Along the way, the player uses synergy to defeat enemies and discover new places, help local populations, and find elemental djinn that increases the powers of the characters.

Playing style

The Lost Age presents a traditional role-playing formula similar to its first half was a pioneer. Players guide a cast of characters as they travel through a thematic fantasy world, interact with other characters, fight monsters, acquire increasingly powerful magic spells and equipment, and participate in predefined narrative construction. While many of the actions the player takes are mandatory and central to the story, The Lost Age allows the player to complete many objectives in the order of their choice, visiting previous places to advance elements of the story and full game objectives give more emphasis than in the last game.

Much of the time spent outside of battle takes place in the game world or inside dungeons, caves and other areas with puzzles built into its design. Unlike the original game, in which the supernatural world was explored on foot except a brief, non-navigable boat ride, a large portion of the gameplay of The Lost Age involves navigating a magical ship through a vast sea, visiting continents and islands. To complete puzzles, players must push pillars to build negotiable roads between elevated areas, climb or descend cliffs, or obtain a unique element to progress through the world of history and play.

Information about its launch

After its release, The Lost Age was generally praised, although many publications found that the game was not as good as the first Golden Sun. However, IGN ranked the game as the eighth best Game Boy Advance title of 2003 and the 22nd best GBA game of all time. It has sold more than 680,000 units. The long-awaited continuation, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, was launched in November 2010.

What brings me again?

In this instalment, the most visible novelty is that we take control of Felix, Nadia, Sole and Piers and not the group from the previous part. The style of play is similar: we travel through new continents, with the same attack commands and the same battle system, and we will help the Djinns again. New invocations appear that we will look for in the map and that is in the form of tablets, needing these new invocations of the mixture between Djinn of several different types

How is a video game?

Golden Sun: The Lost Age received positive reviews, but the analysts were divided at the time to say if it was better or not than the original Golden Sun. In Metacritic, The Lost Age has a total 86% rating, 2 versus 91% accumulated by Golden Sun.3 Similarly, Game Rankings gives The Lost Age a score of 87% in general, 4 slightly lower to 90% of Golden Sun.5 On the contrary, the Lost Age was ranked 78th by the IGN readers in the list of the 100 best games in history, higher than its predecessor

Should I download it?

We recommend you download Golden Sun: The Lost Age as you see the rating point that it is a great video game that in one way or another won the hearts of all who played it.

The video game has become a relic to remember, something that despite the years pass someone will play yes or yes as his story catches your mind in the mystery of the videogame saga.

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