The lovely Golden Sun Gba Rom

Many are the players who have already enjoyed this genius in the form of a game. And it is not for less, because it is one of the best RPGs created for any laptop, even desktop console. So, this analysis is dedicated to all those who have not yet played or are still undecided.

The Camelot Planning Software game (Mario Tennis / Golf) is one of the best GBA cartridges, as well as the one that, together with Super Mario Advance 2, best recalls the golden age of the 16 bits. The epoch par excellence of the RPGs and that promises to be reborn with the increasingly surprising GBA. Golden Sun is the first step, but many more will follow – its sequel without going any further, which is about to appear in Japan. The first GBA RPG … but what a wonder. Enter the universe of Golden Sun! You will not regret it.

Golden Sun Gba Rom

The great story

Everything begins a cloudy day -a previous selection of the name of the protagonist called a priori Hans-. A violent storm covers the sky of Tale, a small town that hides more secrets than initially expected. They say that the rock of Mount Aleph, which presides over the village and protects it, is about to give way, and will destroy the entire town if it is not avoided. Your mother lifts you warning you that you must leave before it is too late, and you logically listen to her. But at that moment you can not imagine the consequences that this day will cause in your life … The results, disastrous. The sequels, unpredictable.


The action places us three years after the catastrophe when the damage is still being repaired, and the wounds remain unhealed.

We take on the role of Hans, who is no longer the child of the time and who, together with his childhood friend Garet, besides Nadia, will be taken to the house of Kraden, a wise friend of the boys who has mentioned them. This meeting will provoke the first confrontation with those who will be the enemies to beat, as well as the beginning of the usual story “we must leave the village because we have to save the world” to which we will be subjected. And as always, from then on … nothing will be the same.

Explain something more about the history of this Golden Sun would be absurd, because the plot is one of the fundamental pillars on which the game is held, and that more will attract the player as it is discovered masterfully, drop by drop. From this mysterious and even tragic way begins this massive epic that will keep us glued to the screen during the nearly 35 hours that we will take to complete it.

Although as in any RPG that boasts the story is just the starting point, and obviously will appear sub-frames, new characters that will join our group, which will help us or we work the advance, which will reward or alert us …; as well as missions and tasks to complete, enemies to beat, and some puzzles to solve. All this seasoned by a dreamy graphics aspect, prodigious music, an enveloping story, and dozens of hours of game guaranteed. In other words, all the elements that make up a great RPG and that will help raise the one that occupies us as one of the best created.

But everything has an end

And Golden Sun is also over, like everything. Gone are the hours spent in the resolution of mysteries, the unknowns raised and duly resolved; the characters that appeared, those who helped us, those we helped, the nice Djinn … Everything is endearing once the exciting adventure is over. But there is still a lot to play.

On the one hand, the game – in case the one player mode was not enough – presents the option of making battles against another person, through the Cable Link, which will surely increase the hours of play, practising and testing new attacks or Djinns. And for those who still want more, the sequel to this masterpiece will hopefully soon arrive, since as we have said is almost on sale in Japan, and the rumours of a GameCube version of the recently born role saga resonate every time with more force. Good for Camelot. In short and to conclude, a huge game, with dozens of hours of play guaranteed, dynamic matches, interesting history … and the smallest laptop in history. How big And a little paradox, is not it? Forbidden to miss it.

Should I download it?

The age of video games for everyone at some time in their lives is something that marks, from a small child to an adult of 70 years. The fact of downloading Golden Sun is something inevitable that you can not miss or you can not let go. Only by the fact that it is one of the most played RPG games since the time of 2001 until now. In spite of everything, he was one of the great pioneers in the world of videogames, as much as for the players as for the creators and general critics.

I recommend that you download and install Golden Sun from here.

It will provide a reasonable download service, nothing more and nothing less than free of viruses, fast, easy to use and above all very safe.

So download it and play it!

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