What you need to know about Game Boys Advance Rom

The Game Boys Advance has been a console of great uproar since its inception by dates since March 21, 2001. It had several characteristics that make any video game fan fall in love, characteristics that marked more than one in his childhood, or in his stage of video game player. It had popularity so vast that it reached the sale of nothing more and nothing less than 81.51 million units to the public — actually one of his best inventions by the company of Nintendo in its sixth generation.

Game Boys Advance Rom

Game Boys Advance Rom

For any fan of video games in those days was all crazy, in addition to publishing games of all kinds. From RPG, Action, adventure, platforms. From games as mythical as the Zelda to famous worldwide as the great Mario Bros a game that stands out has left its mark since its launch until now.

What you need to know about Game Boys Advance Rom

Today we bring to you a great game that deserves to be remembered until this time, as it was one of the first instalments of videogame series RPG, launched for the mythical Game Boy Advance. And we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than “Golden Sun”. And surely you wonder why you download Golden Sun ROM? This tremendous and mythical game has been translated into several languages. From English for the North American and British versions. Even French, German, Spanish and Italian.

It was so popular that sequels were created as “Golden Sun: The Lost Age” where the main person named Felix, who was believed dead after a major disaster, three years ago. With the help of his sister Nadia, the scholar of Kraden, Sole and a lemur. Seeks to solve the mysteries and secrets of Weyard’s world.

The story behind the Game Boys Advance ROM

Tells the story of the game that for many years, the power of alchemy ruled the world of Weyard. Thanks to the discovery of that power, humanity reached the pinnacle of civilisation and knowledge. Everything in society grew from wisdom to the intelligence of experience, its dreams and its ambitions; the bad thing is that at the same time things like the dreams of conquest, war, unlimited power and eternal life also grew. As a result, alchemy began to be abused; all these aspirations were wiped out with Weyard if not for some wise experts who sealed the power deep within the bowels of the Sonne Temple. The consequence of this was that the lights of the elemental headlights were extinguished. After this, Weyard was deprived of his elemental energy and began to destroy himself little by little, starting in the north. This caused chaos in the northernmost village of Weyard.

What you should know about it

A group of warrior emissaries of the Clan Mars of the North, are sent by Puel with the mission to inform the inhabitants of Weyard about the danger that looms over the world if the light of the four elemental lighthouses does not return to concentrate in the mount Aleph, since a long time ago, its lights were sealed to prevent the human being from destroying Weyard, by accumulating all the power that Alchemy keeps behind it. And absolutely nobody in Tale believed them.
Because the seal of the Alchemy is consuming the populations of the north, they decide to do everything possible to save Prox. Once inside the temple, some of the proxies unwittingly activated a trap where there were few survivors.

This caused a liberation of alchemical energy manifested in a tremor, a powerful storm and a landslide; after happening various events that put the player very in the frame of the game.

There are several reasons to remember this game, but among the themes that this links the best you can do is try it and try to download it to live that little story that I just told you and much more. There is nothing more entertaining than a mystery video game.
Nothing more than downloading Golden Sun Rom is a small step to introduce you to a profound, disturbing and eye-catching story for any amateur, or casual video game player.


By downloading Golden Sun Rom, you can transfer it to your Game Boy Advance or using an emulator to your PC. But above all for nothing in the world can you miss trying this game. The game itself has several game modes, from 1 to 4 players.
It has had a PEGI classification number 7 and in its original form came out in cartridge.

If I can convince you of the fact of downloading Golden Sun Rom I recommend downloading it from here you will have a fast, safe download and above all, it will provide you with the necessary help to download it in an emulator.

And finally, we want to congratulate you for having accepted to download this magnificent relic of video games, if the opposite, you do not know the action and experience that you lose by not playing Golden Sun.

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